jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013

Linking words - Connectors ( 1 )



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- We both came home yesterday
- They are both doctors.
- Both house A and house B have got a garden
- Both house A and house B have got an attic
- Both houses have got a security system.
- Both houses have got central heating = H A and H B have both got central h.

 as well as
      además de  - a mayores – así como también - in addition to -
      as well as + noun   /  as well as  + -ing
- Our neighbour brought cake as well as juice for everyone
- We can dance salsa as well as the cha-cha-cha.
- House A has got a security system as well as central heating, a garden and ...
- As well as having air conditioning and a security system, house B has also got central heating.

              besides + -ing  /  + noun  /  + sentence
- It's a nice day for a walk, and besides, I need the exercise.
- Besides money, Ralph also wanted a job.
- Besides having a balcony, house A has got air conditioning.

                  mientras que (while in contrast)
- He likes apples, whereas she hates them.
- Whereas he is a poor tennis player, his sister isn't.
- House A has got a pool whereas house B hasn't got one.
- Whereas house A has a fitted kitchen, house B hasn't got one.

- H B has got a garden, but it doesn't have a fence.
- H B hasn't got a balcony, but it has got air conditioning.
- House B has got a cellar but it hasn't got a fireplace.

even though
   Aunque – si bien -
- Although she is very rich, she doesn't like to spend money.
- We went out although the weather was bad.
- House A has got a patio although house B hasn't got one
- Although house B hasn't got a fireplace, it has got central heating.

- House A has got a fireplace, however, it hasn't got a cellar or built-in wardrobes.

- I also play tennis.
- I am also playing. - We have also lived here for a long time.
- House A has a pool and a garage. Also, it has a garden.


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