viernes, 31 de enero de 2014

sentences in English

3º ESO

Here you are the sentences you have already translated into English.
Double-check them to make sure you got them righ.

01- My brother does his homework every day at home

02- What kind of music do you like?

03- Sonia likes reading books (very) much.

04- Your brother was born on February the seventh.

05- Don't worry about your sister, she is always doing very interesting activities. 

06- I want to find out how much time you have been here.

07- We  try to get away for a week or two every summer so as to have a rest.

08- We were so exhausted that we couldn't go on the journey, so we stop to have a rest

09- It's worth taking up football or tennis as your hobby. On the other hand, it is as healthy as interesting.

10- The guests have just arrived home, so go and welcome them. 

11- He wants to complain to my boss about the noise you make here, so stop making that king of noises, please.

12- We came up with that great idea a few days later and finally we managed to do it well

13- Although you are waiting for her, she won't come on time, she's always late.

14- My cousin wants us to go to Lardero with him. It's his father's birthday and he wants to invite us.

15- When Alice was talking to me, Vicky called me up, but I didn’t answer 

16- Is your nephew on holiday? Yes, he is. He has gone to France to speak French. He likes studying languages very much.

17- The scenery was stunning and, although it was sunny every day, the temperatures weren’t too high.

18- They didn't want to come tonight, but they came to talk to us.

19- I prefer a car to a bus when I go on holiday.

20- When your sister's friend arrived home, I was talking to you 

21- She has always got on well with her mother, friends and teachers, she is really a lovely person.

22- How many cars are there in that small street? - I don't know but I think there are twenty-three.

23- What are you doing at home? – I’m playing with my brother and his best friends.

24- Ten minutes later she got off the bus, she was happy, she wanted to go to the cinema, but she didn't see you there.

25- I caught a bad cold last month, but fortunately I got over it before the trip.

26- Your uncle hasn't arrived yet, he will arrive on Monday morning.

lunes, 20 de enero de 2014

Writing: time spent on TV

4º ESO:

- Write this essay. The deadline is next Monday, January 27 ( 4 ESO )

lunes, 13 de enero de 2014

Write an email - 3º y 4º ESO

3º y 4º ESO - Write an email:

- Write this essay. The deadline is next Monday, January 20 (4ESO) and 23 (3ESO).  
- You can use different tenses such as present simple, past and future, but use the present perfect (I have visited, they have studied...). Remember that when you use the present perfect you're making a connection between something in the past and something in the present
- Fill in the three required fields of the email: From, To, Subject.
- Give some advice and recommendations: 
   You should take a map with you...
   If I were you, I would call them up before going there.
   Make sure you you have everything you will need while you are travelling and at your destination
   Make sure you don't leave your tickets and credit card at home.You'll need to bring your passport as well.

- And finally, meet the deadline so as to get a good mark (out of 10, instead of the out-of-6 if you miss the deadline).

Icono ruso de La Santísima Trinidad, de Andrei Rubliov

Icono ruso de La Santísima Trinidad, de Andrei Rubliov (1425)

El autor, Rubliov, monje ruso, escogió este pasaje (que hemos analizado en clase) de la hospitalidad de Abrahán bajo la encina de Mambré para representar simbólicamente a la Trinidad

Para Abrahán, ofrecer hospitalidad es acoger al mismo Dios.

Gen 18, 1-19
El Señor se apareció a Abrahán en el encinar de Mambré, mientras Abrahán estaba sentado a la entrada de su tienda de campaña, como a mediodía. 
Abrahán alzó la mirada y vio a tres hombres que estaban de pie frente a él. Al verlos, se levantó rápidamente a recibirlos [...]