lunes, 13 de enero de 2014

Write an email - 3º y 4º ESO

3º y 4º ESO - Write an email:

- Write this essay. The deadline is next Monday, January 20 (4ESO) and 23 (3ESO).  
- You can use different tenses such as present simple, past and future, but use the present perfect (I have visited, they have studied...). Remember that when you use the present perfect you're making a connection between something in the past and something in the present
- Fill in the three required fields of the email: From, To, Subject.
- Give some advice and recommendations: 
   You should take a map with you...
   If I were you, I would call them up before going there.
   Make sure you you have everything you will need while you are travelling and at your destination
   Make sure you don't leave your tickets and credit card at home.You'll need to bring your passport as well.

- And finally, meet the deadline so as to get a good mark (out of 10, instead of the out-of-6 if you miss the deadline).

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