viernes, 31 de enero de 2014

sentences in English

3º ESO

Here you are the sentences you have already translated into English.
Double-check them to make sure you got them righ.

01- My brother does his homework every day at home

02- What kind of music do you like?

03- Sonia likes reading books (very) much.

04- Your brother was born on February the seventh.

05- Don't worry about your sister, she is always doing very interesting activities. 

06- I want to find out how much time you have been here.

07- We  try to get away for a week or two every summer so as to have a rest.

08- We were so exhausted that we couldn't go on the journey, so we stop to have a rest

09- It's worth taking up football or tennis as your hobby. On the other hand, it is as healthy as interesting.

10- The guests have just arrived home, so go and welcome them. 

11- He wants to complain to my boss about the noise you make here, so stop making that king of noises, please.

12- We came up with that great idea a few days later and finally we managed to do it well

13- Although you are waiting for her, she won't come on time, she's always late.

14- My cousin wants us to go to Lardero with him. It's his father's birthday and he wants to invite us.

15- When Alice was talking to me, Vicky called me up, but I didn’t answer 

16- Is your nephew on holiday? Yes, he is. He has gone to France to speak French. He likes studying languages very much.

17- The scenery was stunning and, although it was sunny every day, the temperatures weren’t too high.

18- They didn't want to come tonight, but they came to talk to us.

19- I prefer a car to a bus when I go on holiday.

20- When your sister's friend arrived home, I was talking to you 

21- She has always got on well with her mother, friends and teachers, she is really a lovely person.

22- How many cars are there in that small street? - I don't know but I think there are twenty-three.

23- What are you doing at home? – I’m playing with my brother and his best friends.

24- Ten minutes later she got off the bus, she was happy, she wanted to go to the cinema, but she didn't see you there.

25- I caught a bad cold last month, but fortunately I got over it before the trip.

26- Your uncle hasn't arrived yet, he will arrive on Monday morning.

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