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Future tenses

Future tenses

Future simple (will) and BE GOING TO key TIME expressions:
tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, tonight, soon, next week, next month, in a week, in a month, etc.

We use this to talk about something which will be in progress at a time in the future.
• I will be leaving soon.
. This time tomorrow I will be flying to New York
• Will you be coming to the party?
• I won't be seeing Steve until next week.
Formula: subject + will be + present participle (base verb + -ing)
Key Time Expressions: next, tomorrow, soon, in, later

The future perfect refers to a completed action in the future. We can also use this tense when we project ourselves into the future and when we are looking back at the completed action at a time later than now.
• You will have arrived by then.
• Will you have finished your report on time?
• I will not have left, by the time you read this.
Formula: subject + will have + past participle of verb
Key Time Expressions: by

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