lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

Conditional 3

     3rd Conditional   =   NO POSSIBILITY

 If   past perfect   +   would have + participle

       condition                  result 
   Past Perfect WOULD HAVE + Past Participle 
IfI had won the lottery  I would have bought a car

If I had arrived here on time, I would have talked to her

Si yo hubiera llegado aquí a la hora, yo habría hablado con ella

- The 1st conditional and 2nd conditional talk about the FUTURE.

- With the 3rd conditional we talk about the PAST. We talk about a condition in the past that didn't happen. That's why there is NO POSSIBILITY for this condition. So it is similar to a dream, but with NO POSSIBILITY of the dream coming true.

IF            condition             result
    past perfect WOULD HAVE + past participle
If I had seen Mary I would have told her.
If Tara had been free yesterday I would have invited her.
If they hadn't passed their exam their teacher would have been sad.
If it had rained yesterday would you have stayed at home?
If it had rained yesterday what would you have done?

           result IF      condition
WOULD HAVE + past participle    past perfect
I would have told Mary if I had seen her.
I would have invited Tara if she had been free yesterday
Their teacher would have been sad if they hadn't passed their exam
Would you have stayed at home if it had rained yesterday?
What would you have done if it had rained yesterday?

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