domingo, 2 de marzo de 2014

February sentences (translation)

                       3º ESO - February sentences (Tranlation)

27- My sister and I can drive now, but we couldn't a year ago.

28- My father is quite tall, like my mother and my sister, but I´m not, aren´t? 

29- How long have you worked in that big shop?  For nine years

30- I want to know if we belong to that team, don't we?

31- Your uncle hasn´t arrive yet, he will arrive on Monday morning. 

32- I don´t think you are going to read this book because it´s very thick and you don't like reading at all. 

33- We have lived in La Rioja for twelve years, haven´t we? 

34- She hasn't written to me since January, four months ago, and I don't know where she lives now   /   [she is living now ].

35- I like going to the leisure centre to see the relay race and fencing

36- How many people are there in that classroom ? 

37- I went to Burgos once and I liked it 

38- They have lived in Calahorra since 1999 and they don't want to go to live in Logroño because they have there everything they need. 

39- Come home and don't talk to your brother because your father has just arrived and he is tired. 

40- My sister likes playing tennis very much, but my brother doesn't.  

41- My nephew has been a vegetarian for three years, and now he doesn't like meat at all 

42- I have just seen tour aunt, she was talking to your mother in the street

43- You needn't go to school on Sundays, it is closed.

44- I came up with a great idea yesterday

45- Most people don't think you are going to study German

46- I have already decided to go there and try the local food.

47- Did you go to the concert? – No, I didn't.

48- If you study several languages and try to speak them, you'll speak much better your own language.

49- When I arrive home I go to the bed and I prefer reading for a while

50- She will be there again next week, won't she? 

51- Ana wants them to come home at eight o´clock 

52- My whole family goes to church at Christmas and on every Sunday.

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