martes, 15 de abril de 2014

March and April English sentences 3 ESO

These are the sentences you translated in March and the first fortnight of April:

53- I haven't painted this room since 2012 and it's quite dirty, I will paint it at the weekend.  // 
      I haven't had this room painted since 2012 and it's quite dirty, I will have it painted at the weekend

54-Your nephew and your niece's friend arrived home tonight. They told me they were tired and they went to bed

55- You have been in your room since you arrived home two hours ago.

56- When his sister arrived home, he was listening to music in his bedroom.

57- She has lived in Logroño for seven years and she likes this city very much.

58- Paul, where is your mother? – I don't know but I think she has gone to the supermarket and she will be back soon.

59- How often do you listen to the radio? I listen to music a lot of times a day on the radio

60- My wife and I like dancing very much, but our children don't.

61- Is there anybody there? - Yes, there is somebody near the door, come and talk to him if you want to.

62- I went to London five weeks ago.

63-   My sister likes playing tennis very much, but my brother doesn´t.    

64- What does your friend like doing in his spare time?- He likes writing and reading, he quite likes
playing the piano, he loves listening to classical music, he also likes walking; but he doesn't like running at all.

65- How often do you brush your teeth? Three times a day

66- How much is it ?    How much does it cost?

67- I want to make friends here because we spend a lot of time in the school

68- Who works in this office?

69- My sister arrives home at a quarter to three and she eats at five past three; and so do I

70- What do you like doing in your spare time? - I like studying, I love swimming, I also like listening to music, reading books, writing letters, playing football, playing the piano...

71- What time does the postman come in the morning? - He always comes in the afternoon; so don't wait for him.

72- Paul and his sister think they will be with you here next year

73- How long have you had that small car?

74- I don't know (I haven't met) that Dutch girl and I'd like to talk to her

75- Her brother is a doctor and she comes to the hospital every day because she is a nurse.

76- Have you ever been to Oxford?

77- Who came with you yesterday?

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