lunes, 4 de noviembre de 2013

Offers, Gratitude, Apologies and Requests

make a request = pedir - solicitar

Para hacer una petición o pedir ayuda, REQUEST, utilizamos algunas estructuras concretas

Las principales son:

- Could you please lend me your pen? - Yes, of course.
- Would you mind helping me do my homework? - No problem // I'm sorry i'm busy right now

- English Conversation: Common expressions when making offers, giving gratitude, making apologies and making requests. Also how to respond both in a formal and informal English conversation


- Could you please open the window for me?
- Would you mind turning on the TV? - No, no problem; I'll turn it on.
- Please give me your phone number.
- Can I use your computer?

A - Do you mind if I turn up the heating?
B - Would you mind if I turned up the heating?

a-  Do you mind if is followed by the verb in the present tense, but
b-  Would you mind if is followed by the verb in the PAST tense.

Accepting and Refusing

. Sure. I'll ...
. Oh, OK. I'll ...
. Yes, of course.
No problem.
. All right. I'll do it.
. Not at all.
No, not at all.
. Sure. No problem.
. Sure. Here you are.
. OK. Here you are.
. That’s OK, I guess.
I’d be glad to.
. Fine. No problem.

-. Oh, I'm really sorry. I'm using it.
-. I'm sorry but I'm busy righ now.
-. Sorry, but . . .
-. I’d like to, but . . .
-. Sorry. I didn't know I was disturbing you.
-. Sorry. I didn't know it was bothering you.

- etc.

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